Journal Submissions

The British Gestalt Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles, interviews, reviews and information on all aspects of Gestalt theory and related applications.  Members of the Gestalt Community, both in Britain and overseas, are warmly encouraged to submit material for publication.

The Journal welcomes:

  • Articles, opinion pieces, letters and interviews.
  • Good-quality writing reflecting the diversity within the evolving Gestalt communities
  • Articles ranging from the rigorously theoretical to the profoundly personal that are contactful and informative
  • Contributions arising out of reflective practice that inform and develop Gestalt theory 
  • Experimental forms of writing that reflect the dialogic and process orientation of Gestalt practice.  

What we need from you:

  • Article submissions must be approximately 5000 words in length.
  • They should be made in English.
  • They should have been neither published elsewhere, nor are being considered for publication elsewhere.

Please include in your article:

  • Abstract (200 words maximum)
  • Key Words (that describe your article, 10 words maximum)
  • References
  • Biography (please describe yourself, 100 words maximum)
  • Address for correspondence (email and/or postal)

Email your article as a Microsoft Word file (please do not send it as a PDF) to:  editor[at]

What happens next:

  • Your article is discussed at one of the monthly editorial meetings. 
  • Journals are published in May and November each year. The average time needed for processing articles is 6 months, allowing for peer reviewing and revisions. 
  • You may experience delays following submission, please be patient.
  • The Editor and editorial team select appropriate peer reviewers, largely those already published in the British Gestalt Journal or elsewhere. 
  • Anonymised articles are sent to two peer reviewers who undertake the task anonymously. 
  • The feedback is sent back to the author so that revisions may be considered. 
  • Once the revised paper is received, the Editorial team will decide if the article is publishable. 
  • Upon acceptance there are further small tasks to complete. 
  • The Editor cannot guarantee that a manuscript accepted for publication will be published in any particular issue of the Journal. 

Consultative assistance is normally available from one of the editorial team particularly for those with little experience of writing for journals of this type.  

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