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2016 Marianne Fry Lecture; Belinda Harris - Fear Love and Learning

  • Armada House Bristol (map)

Belinda Harris will identify how personal experiences of fear, love and learning have informed her understanding of the way they are intertwined and are mediated by power relations. Drawing on her experience as a secondary school teacher, psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and academic, Belinda will argue that awareness and understanding of power dynamics is essential. She will examine the human cost of focussing on outcomes and results without sufficient attention to intrapersonal, interpersonal and group processes and explore how ‘relational alchemy’ – and the fitness, maintenance, and depth of relationships – are necessary in promoting a sense of community; how collective energy can be harnessed for deep, embodied learning; and how human growth is based on the exercise of ‘power-with’ and ‘power-for’. In the current political climate, with an attention on measuring performance, educators and therapists may find it more difficult to attend to the social-emotional and embodied dimensions of their practice. Belinda will argue that practitioners can have a significant role in helping to develop robust, relationally attuned learning communities. Helping professionals who are motivated by a keen desire to ‘make a difference’ can reconnect with their sense of moral purpose and love of what they do. The day will include multi-sensory experiential pieces.

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