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This precious sense called life: enchantment and eros in gestalt theory and praxis with Sally Denham-Vaughan

  • Edinburgh Gestalt Institute, 51 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2DJ (map)

Gestalt theory rests on specific epistemological and philosophical assumptions concerning our world, health and the nature of change. These assumptions are often held at an implicit level; they are frequently counter-cultural and unsupported in modern/post-modern Western society. According to gestalt theory, we live in a complex, dynamic and fluid world, alive with creative possibilities, (enchanted), some of which we can support into vibrant aliveness (eros). In our psychotherapy practice, we sense these enchanted possibilities through our embodied presence as we co-emerge in dialogue with others. We have the privilege, and share in the responsibility, of witnessing the creative possibilities that are erotically engaged and those that are not. Some are loved, some are lost and many must be let go. This workshop will have an experiential focus on deepening our experience of being alive, being erotically engaged in our own lives and ready to respond to calls from the field. We will practice paying exquisite attention to this enchanted world, noticing our personal and professional choices concerning what we support and what we overlook. The ethical implications will be explored with specific reference to the philosophical work of Emmanual Levinas, who refers to ‘the call of the face’ and Alain Badiou, who emphasizes the need for ‘fidelity to the event site’. Links will be made to gestalt theory throughout. The workshop is suitable for trainee and qualified psychotherapists and organisational practitioners from gestalt and other modalities.

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