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Playing: possibility, transformation and the unexpected with Kirsteen Greenholm

  • Edinburgh Gestalt Institute, 51 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2DJ (map)

The capacity to move into play is central to the practice of creative experiment in gestalt psychotherapy, and implicit in the flowing creativity of the gestalt approach. Yet many therapists experience fear, shame, anxiety, frozenness, a sense of limitation and/or a desire for more range when moving towards experiments or playfulness. In this mainly experiential workshop we will build a supportive environment for exploring and extending our abilities to play. This will include exploring our relational and developmental histories around play, working/playing with a wide range of creative approaches and materials, and developing supports for yielding and mobilising into playfulness with adult clients. We will develop our capacities to not-know, sort-of-know and open to the flow of experience. We will consider the science and research regarding play, in particular the neurobiology of play and the links to learning, vitality, affect regulation and resilience. We will work and reflect within an embodied relational therapeutic paradigm, and integrate an understanding of how to inhabit playfulness in a way that allows our clients, and ourselves, to open to novelty, fun, spontaneity, connection, attachment, learning and widening possibilities. You are welcome whatever your capacity to play. This workshop will benefit trainee and qualified psychotherapists from any modality.

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