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Embodied Interventions and Experiments - English language weekend workshops in Berlin - Weekend 1

This is just one of the 4 weekend workshops which constitute this training. The full list of dates are:19-21 Oct 2018; 18-20 Jan 2019; 26-28 April 2019; 14-16 June 2019. They are all listed on the BGJ calendar. 

Julianne has developed a new way of understanding of and working within this body-to-body-communication in a relational and field-oriented way. Own bodily attunement to the relational body messages of the client, alongside an awareness of one's personal physical resonances and impulses opens possibilities for new explicit interaction within this mode of body-to-body-communication without physically touching each other. Julianne's approach is theoretically underpinned in Dialogical Gestalt Psychotherapy, Relational Psychoanalytical thinking and is well situated within research fields of neuroscience, attachment, and developmental psychology. Using her experience of many years of clinical practice and teaching, Julianne offers a safe and respectful space for exercises, experiential process, live supervision, small group work together with theory input and a critical discussion and reflection of different approaches to body process in psychotherapy and relevant interdisciplinary research findings in this field. Participation of this program also includes a handout and a student discount on the Confer Module 'Embodied Approaches to Psychotherapy'.

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Organiser: Julianne Appel-Opper