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Moving Towards the Edge: Gestalt Therapy Summer Event with Ruella Frank, Michael V Miller and Jean-Marie Robine

This six-day program, a collaboration among Michael Vincent Miller, Ruella Frank and Jean-Marie Robine, three international trainers and theorists, is intended for experienced practitioners as well as trainers of Gestalt therapy. The emphasis is on expanding possibilities and exploring new horizons in our work.

Foundational concepts of Gestalt therapy, such as contacting, contact-boundary, theory of self, etc., will be scrutinized and given new shape. Some of our concerns to be taken up: The phenomenology of movement in early development and therapy; anxiety, depression, and trauma from a temporal point of view; the central place of form in the aesthetics of health and pathology; reflexivity--the moving I and the feeling Me--in the theory of self.

Each half-day, one of the presenters will open the topic and the other two join in to contribute to a further illumination of the theme, and arrive at an integration of our various perspectives. There also will be ample time for experiments, small group discussion, and therapy demonstrations to ground this new material in participants’ experience.

Taking into account many requests and suggestions from the community, the organisers of this event have decided to offer three facilitating changes : 

Since this seminar is in Spain, an English to Spanish translation will be offered throughout during the meeting, which means the event can be enjoyed by colleagues from both Spain and Latin America.

Young professionals will be welcomed as soon as they are fully-trained and have a clinical practice.

A Paypal account has been opened:

As always, after 20 May,  registration fees will rise.