Volume 17, 2 (2008)

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2008 vol 17,2.png

Volume 17, 2 (2008)


Editorial - Christine Stevens

New Feet were asked to fill another's shoes - Dan Bloom

Noticing what's not there - Gaie Houston

The ground of community in Gestalt therapy - Brian O'Niell

Getting 'Beyond Individualism' - Mark A. Fairfield and Leanne O'Shea

Intensive Gestalt workshops: experiences in community - Ruth Ronall

Interviewing Sean Gaffney - Belinda Harris

Letters to the editor

Building Bridges to the future: AAGT Conference 2008 in Manchester - Lynne Brighouse

Gilles Delisle and 21st century Gestalt - Jaqueline Bentley

Retirement letter from Dolores Bate - Dolores Bate

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Book Reviews 

Emotional work of school leaders. A review of Supporting the Emotional Work of Achool Leaders by Belinda Harris

The interactional heart of Gestalt therapy. A review of Gestalt Therapy: therapy of the situation by Georges Wollants - Christine Stevens


A common exchange: a covernor's experience of the AAGT conference, Manchester, July 2008 - Sarah Fallon