Current Issue:

2013 - Volume 22 No.2

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MIRIAM TAYLOR: On safe ground: using sensorimotor approaches in trauma

VIVIAN BROUGHTON: Trauma constellations with a Gestalt perspective

BARBARA MORGAN: What is constellation work? Another perspective: a response to Vivian Broughton

MARGHERITA SPAGNUOLO LOBB: From the need for aggression to the need for rootedness: a Gestalt postmodern clinical and social perspective on conflict

PHILIP LICHTENBERG: Gestalt therapy and 21st Century Socialism

KATE MERRICK: Beyond words: the function and value of silence in therapy

Letter to the editor

BUD FEDER: Skype-diving into supervision

Book Reviews

MAGGIE MARONITIS: Personality pathology: a matrix of wisdom for the contemporary therapist? A review of Personality Pathology: Developmental Perspectives by Gilles Delisle

RODNEY HILL AND JAMIE BURNIE: Introducing Gestalt counselling and coaching. A review of An Introduction to Gestalt by Charlotte Sills, Phil Lapworth and Billy Desmond

NICKY BURTON: Living Gestalt. A review of Gestalt at Work: Integrating Life, Theory and Practice. Collected Papers of Seán Gaffney, Volumes 1 and 2, edited by Anne Maclean


GEORGIOS GIAGLIS: The psychotherapist as a hacker