13th Annual Seminar Day 22nd November

Malcolm Parlett will be introducing his book: 'Future Sense: Five explorations for an awaking world' in Toynbee Hall, London.
Please see here for more information: Friends' Seminars

Current Issue:

2014 - Volume 23 No.1

MALCOLM PARLETT: The impact of war

JOANNA KATO: Experiences from a multicultural field – a Gestalt perspective on work in detention centres

GERRIE HUGHES: The competent Gestalt practitioner

ALEXANDER LEVINE: Diversifying the ground: personal, empirical, theoretical, and clinical perspectives on Gestalt contact boundary phenomena in gay men

PETER PHILIPPSON: Failure to launch

BELINDA HARRIS and KATY WAKELIN: BGJ survey results: April 2014

Letter to the editor

LYNNE JACOBS: Relationality and the paradoxical theory of change. A response to Miriam Taylor

BENET HAUGHTON: Listening for silence: a response to Kate Merrick

The Lecture Organising Group: Marianne Fry Lectures: 2013 and 2014

Book and DVD reviews

CAROLE ASHTON Lust within love and commitment: a guide to opening and healing your sexual life. A review of The Heart of Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love by Stella Resnick

WANJIKU NYACHAE A growing edge in Gestalt therapy: addiction and self-medicating behaviours. A review of Gestalt Therapy for Addictive and Self-Medicating Behaviors by Philip Brownell

KATY WAKELIN Empathy from another perspective. A review of Zero Degrees of Empathy: A New Theory of Human Cruelty and Kindness by Simon Baron-Cohen

RACHAEL KELLETT A taste of Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy. A review of Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy: An Introduction DVD by Ruella Frank


MADELEINE BURT: By the fireplace (poem)